Motherwell Christmas Market

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Greatface Portrait Caricatures


Christmas is coming...  Are you ready?

Why not commission a framed, hand drawn portrait from a Celebrity Portrait Illustrator?
(Imagine your loved one’s face when they see this on Christmas Day).

I’ve drawn Harry Hill, Greg Davies, Lulu, Neil Lennon, Jonathan Ross, Benedict Cumberbatch, Sophia Loren, Diana Ross, the cast of Downton Abbey and many more!

Now it’s your turn!!

*A Christmas Special Offer of an A4 Black and White Framed illustration which will be treasured for years to come.

I require good, clear photo(s)
A short description about the person who is to be drawn – name/hobbies/wordsand phrases they say/ anything they are noted for... you get the drift!
Anything you want me to highlight

If Postage is required, this will be sent via Royal Mail (unregistered, unless I’m told otherwise)  in a Please Do Not Bend Envelope (unframed) for no more than £2.

Only £35 – Orders are being taken now.

Some examples









Phone:- 07944 460491